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    Types Of Car Batteries
    An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery type that supplies electrical current. Car batteries are mostly made from lead-acid batteries with dioxide plates. Mostly there are a few types of car batteries:
    • Lithium-ion Batteries: Li-ion batteries can store significantly more energy and are a fraction of the weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.
    • Wet Cell Batteries: Wet cell batteries are called so because they have a liquid (most often the combination of lead, water, and sulfuric acid) that creates the battery ‘electrolyte.’
    • Depp Cycle Batteries: Deep cycle batteries provide sustained power over a longer time.
    • Ignition Battery: It provides power to your ignition, lights, and radio.
    Before purchasing a car battery, make sure that the battery is made of these parameters. If you want ACDelco automotive batteries, you may contact CTC, an honorable member of Al-Rustamani Company.

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