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To be honest, it’s shocking to hear how many people get declined from Google Adsense when they apply. I’ve received many emails from readers saying that their applications were declined. I’ve read complaints on forums or comments about the difficulty of getting approved with Google.

There are quite a few things that people miss when they apply. I personally have received a lot of rejection and I’ve studied adsesne for 2 years on how they judge your website.

I experimented on my personal websites and got rejected several times. Even, i kicked myself out after getting an approval, and i applied again to study how it works. i did this for a year and i still get the approval .

i mean, am not the approval but i sure do know whoever sit and review your site, i know what they are literally looking for.

This file you’ll be purchasing will give you everything you need to do on your site, i mean every single thing that will make them give you the approval. 80% guaranteed

and i can also tell why you need this approval so bad, i myself use adsense, and i know how much it brings on a monthly bases.


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