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‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ trailer is a treat for ‘Voyager’ fans

CBS has shared the first trailer for Prodigy, its first-ever fully computer-animated Star Trek series. The clip introduces us to the show’s cast of disparate characters. They’re stuck on what looks like a mining colony and trying to find a way to escape. As it just so happens, they discover a grounded Starfleet vessel known as […]

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Facebook’s cloud gaming service hits iOS devices as a web app

Facebook has become the latest company to offer a cloud gaming service on iOS, only once again you won’t access it through the App Store. Starting today, you can visit the Facebook Gaming website to add a Progressive Web App (PWA) that acts as a shortcut to the service on your iPhone or iPad. To […]

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Here’s everything EA announced at its Play Live 2021 event

Electronic Arts held its EA Play Live 2021 event today. During the approximately 40-minute presentation, we got a first look at Grid Legends, a new entry in Codemasters’ ongoing racing franchise that will feature a single-player story with live-action performances. Lost in Random, the upcoming Tim Burton-inspired action-adventure game from Fe developer Zoink Games, also […]

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Facebook finally blocks ‘vaccines kill’ hashtag

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted fresh scrutiny of social media’s response to the anti-vaccine movement. But, even in the face of criticism from the White House, a new report claims Facebook is still failing to delete even the most incendiary misinformation. As recently as last week, posts containing the hashtag #VaccinesKill were still active on […]

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Twitter starts testing Reddit-like downvote button on iOS

Some Twitter users on iOS might see a new button that looks like Reddit’s downvote button in people’s replies. That’s part of the social network’s latest experimental feature designed to give it more insight on what kind of replies users find relevant in a conversation. According to Twitter Support’s announcement, the goal is to be […]

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