Early Stage 2021 EC TechCrunch Early Stage event recap Events Mike Vernal product market fit Sequoia TC

Sequoia’s Mike Vernal outlines how to design feedback loops in the search for product-market fit

Sequoia’s Mike Vernal has worn many hats. He was VP of product and engineering at Facebook for eight years before getting into investment. His portfolio includes Houseparty, Threads, Canvas, Citizen, PicsArt and more, and he continues to invest in companies across a broad spectrum of stages and verticals, including consumer, enterprise, marketplaces, fintech and more. […]

EC Growth Marketing EC TechCrunch Early Stage Events growth marketing Startups susan su TC TechCrunch Early Stage 2021 Verified Experts

Susan Su on how to approach growth as your startup raises each round

Your startup might rely on clever growth tactics to get off the ground, but you need more than spreadsheets if you want to turn viral spikes into a real business. You need a qualitative growth model to guide the strategy that you can use to tell your story to your team and investors. Growth marketing […]

Cleo Capital Early Stage 2021 EC Early Stage 2021 EC How To event recap Events Fundings & Exits sarah kunst Startups TC Venture Capital

Cleo Capital’s Sarah Kunst explains how to get ready to raise your next round

TechCrunch virtually sat down with venture capitalist and Cleo Capital managing director Sarah Kunst at our latest Early Stage event last week. Kunst joined us to chat about preparing for raising capital in today’s frenetic fundraising environment, digging into the gritty mechanics for the audience. Cleo Capital invests $500,000 to $1 million into early-stage startups, […]

Box Early Stage 2021 EC Early Stage 2021 EC How To Emergence Capital event recap Events Funding Google Salesforce Startups Venture Capital

Emergence Capital’s Doug Landis explains how to identify (and tell) your startup story

How do you go beyond the names and numbers with your startup pitch deck? For Doug Landis, the answer is one simple compound gerund: storytelling. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot of late in Silicon Valley, but it’s one that could legitimately help your startup stand out from the pack amid the […]

Early Stage 2021 EC Early Stage 2021 event recap Events Rahul Vohra Startups superhuman TC

Superhuman’s Rahul Vohra explains how to optimize your startup’s products for lasting growth

Superhuman co-founder and CEO Rahul Vohra joined us last week at TechCrunch Early Stage to provide an in-depth look at how he and his company worked to optimize and refine their product early to create a version of “growth hacking” that would not only help Superhuman attract users, but serve them best and retain them, […]

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