How to purchase a domain name on

When one opens a free blog from , they usually give you domain names like for example and this kind of website are known as free domain. If you have a custom domain name for your blogger, there are endless benefits instead of using the free domain name that carries blogspot along.

How to purchase a domain name on

Login to , on your control panel, locate the settings at the left side and then click on basic. Now look for “publishing ” under that, you’ll see a place where you’ll be ask “don’t have an existing domain ?” Click on the buy button, it is very easy to locate it has a rectangular blue button that says “BUY A DOMAIN” , now click on that.

After that,  some options will be displayed by Google that tells you all about domains, like you  can search for domain names and google will let you know if it has been taken or not just like the way it shows when you first registered your blog.

Now choose your name and check if it’s available. Note: if you buy any domain name you choose , you can’t change it anymore and google won’t refund your money , do a thorough check on your  domain name before buying.  Now after checking your domain and it available to purchase,  click on the buy button and then you’ll be taking to to another page to fill your details like home address ,  full name , contact number.

Note: make sure  you tick the  “PRIVACY PROTECTION ON”. The reason I asked you to do that is  some people tend to put virus on your website, get you information, spams, even try to breach into it just to hack you, so with the privacy on, there would be a luck (padlock) sign on your website all time and that could also build a trust within you and your audience/viewers.

After that,  click the continue button. Now the next page will ask you to fill you debit card details,  do not be afraid everything is save with google. Fill your bank details and then proceed . After that , Google will allow you to check your details one last time and then ,  you’ll click on the buy button.

And that’s it, your domain will be yours now, no more .blogspot. attached to your website

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