The Best Way To Get Google Adsense Approval On Bogspot For Blogger And Also Anywhere – by Lalemi Ayo

I know how many of us feel when Google reject our website for earning money with adsense Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money online and it also easy to use but, they can be very strict sometimes with their policies.
Before applying for Google adsense, you must know what they want and what they don’t. reading their policies will give you hint about that but i’ll be teaching what you should actually do to get approved by Google for earning cash on your website.

what you must know and do before applying for Google adsense.

– You must be 18 years and above to apply For Google adsense

-You are only allowed to have one (1) adsense account.

– You need to have a google mail account to apply for adsense , if you have one already, then your good to go.

– Make sure your domain is a month old before applying. some get approved in less than a month , like about 20 days or so but just hold on to a month before applying.

– Allow your website to have a unique traffic , at least 100 plus views a day before applying for Google adsense. you can make ads on facebook to create traffic to your website or share your website links to social medias like , Facebook,Instagram,whatsapp etc or even pinterest.

– Create about 5 unique articles that has been written by yourself and don’t try to copy from someone else and paste into your website. Google caches/crawls most websites and if you try to prove smart to copy from peoples website and paste into yours , google will know and will definitely disapprove your website for adsense.

– Make sure you have a nice and good looking  theme/templates , Google doesn’t want a website that is not user friendly. which means a website that is hard or frustrating to navigate. learn how to change a blogger theme here

– Have a contact form , about, privacy policy, Disclaimer,cookies policy and yeah a sitemap. most people get approved without all this but i’ll advice you to have them to avoid any issues.

How to Apply for Google adsense

Create a Google mail account. Now  go to google adsense official sign up page here , Click on get started on the homepage of google adsense.
After that , input your details like your “website url”, your “mail address” and you will also see a get helpful adsense ifo at that email address, just click “yes, send me customized help and performance suggestions”. Now click on save, an account will be created for you instantly by Google.

A code will be generated for you from Google Adsense, these codes will be used to identify you as the owner of the website and you will be told to place those codes on your website HTML. every website control panel has a different place to locate the HTML but i’ll be using the blogger control panel for bloggers, this might look different from yours , all you have to do is locate your own  html.

Now copy the codes Google adsense gives you and paste it into the HTML of your website between the <head> and </head> Tags. If  your using blogger and you find it difficult to post these codes between the head tags, you can paste the codes into your HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadgets

Don’t know where to find the HTML / JAVASCRIPT ???? Don’t worry, I’ll put you through..

Login on , go to “layout” on your control panel  and add a Gadget.
Now choose add  HTML/JAVASCRIPT. After adding , paste the code you copied from Google adsense earlier and after pasting, save it.

Go back to where you copied the codes from and click on the “SUBMIT” button, if google tells you code found , then your on the right track and then google will start reviewing your website. If your website meet to their requirement , you’ll be approved in few days but sometimes, it takes few weeks to get  a reply.

Note: While waiting for Google Adsense reply, Do not try to post articles, change themes/ templates of your website or even try to make any changes to your website , Google will reject your website immediately because , they will see it has under construction website.

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