Top Blogging Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking to earn from the foremost profitable niches in Affiliate Marketing in 2020? Our guide will help make your decision easier.
Finding a profitable niche in any affiliate marketing business is significant to success. It removes the confusion and struggle and hastens the reward for your diligence.
After all, if you propose on monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing, you’ll get to churn out content for it within the end of the day continuously, so it makes perfect sense to require some time to make a decision the niche for your blog.
While we’ve outlined the highest 11 niches for affiliate marketing during this article, you ought to know that you simply can make money from affiliate marketing in any niche. Some could be more profitable than others, but it won’t matter if you blow out from blogging about something you don’t enjoy in the first place.
Maintaining a uniform output of blog content is not an easy task, and there’s no shortage of blogs that start out strong, with one blog post per week, then slowly dropping off to once per month, then once every other month.
Building an audience and monetizing it with affiliate marketing may be a long-term game; if your interest during a niche fades away after several months, it’s likely that you simply won’t see any revenue in the least from your affiliate marketing venture.
Ask yourself this: Will I enjoy writing about this niche 1 year from now? am I able to really write 100 blog posts for this niche without losing interest?
If your answer is an affirmative yes, then good for you! If it’s not, it’s actually not the top of the planet, as sheer passion alone doesn’t pay the bills.
While a passion for your blogging niche goes an extended thanks to sustained motivation to run your blog, there’s little question that once you start making money with affiliate marketing, it’s easy to find out to become hooked into it.
Think about this for a second: How passionate are you able to be about something to place in work to supply content day after day without seeing any rewards for your work?
On the flip side, does one think you’ll develop a passion for niche after making your first $10,000 from it?
You see, passion may be a complicated subject, and it can blossom and die down quickly, counting on your circumstances, especially when it involves money.
We’re not saying that you simply should force yourself into a selected niche that has the very best chances of creating your money, but realize that zeal alone doesn’t make or break a choice on whether you would like to pursue blogging therein space.
A famous example of developing a passion for something after seeing tangible results is the story of the late Steve Jobs. While he’s documented for this career in Apple, Steve Jobs wasn’t in the least infatuated with computers earlier in his life, as outlined during this article by FastCompany. Yet, there’s little question that Steve Jobs eventually developed a burning passion for the technology industry after his venture took off.
Another thing to believe when choosing a blogging niche, especially for affiliate marketing, is to believe what are you able to produce to serve your audience rather than what you are feeling like writing.
Realize that no-one goes to consume your content simply because you’re putting something out there. Your content should have a purpose, to either help your audience solve a drag, learn something new, or be entertained.
This is precisely why it’s important to separate the ‘What’ with the ‘Why’ when it involves making a choice to start out blogging about something. While you would possibly have an honest idea of what your blog should be about, you’ll also get to believe why your blog exists within the first place.
If you’re hooked into gaming, are you teaching people the way to recover at certain games? Or are you ready to offer expert advice on what gaming peripherals to buy? As you’ll see, the ‘Why’ is far more nuanced than ‘What’.
With all of that said, there are no thanks to knowing whether you found the right niche to blog about until you really get your feet wet into blogging, but knowing this before embarking on your blogging journey will assist you to manage expectations tons better.
Our advice would be first to filter the niches that you simply know you’ve got an affinity for and see if you’ll come up with a more focused sub-niche that you can provide a shot at.
While there’s a virtually endless list of niches that will be used for affiliate marketing, there are several that are proven to be brighter in terms of their diary for creating money. 
Without further ado, here are our top eleven (11) list of blogging niches for affiliate marketing:

1. The Tech Niche

Technology has changed our lives permanently. As a field and phenomenon, technology has permeated into other areas; art, health, finance, agriculture, land, and more. This fluidity has made technology a mainstay in our everyday activity. If you’re keen on tech gadgets and possess a passion for exploring devices, you ought to consider tech blogging. As a tech blogger, your goal is to draw in and build an audience together with your knowledge of the tech space.
Technological innovations are happening by the minute. Techies want to follow the newest tech news and are trying to find a one-stop-shop for tech-related news. If you’ll identify the newest gadgets available within the market and advise your audience to supported budget and technical requirements, you become their go-to-guy for love or money associated with tech.
While tech as a field is vastly broad, and it’s impossible to hide everything, it’s advised to focus on a sub-niche.
Are you into mobile tech, blockchain, PC, gaming? one of the many advantages of blogging within the tech space is that the availability of content. There are many tech companies ideating and launching products hebdomadally. there’s never a drought within the latest happenings and topics for you to hide.
Another noteworthy advantage is that the sales value. Most affiliate bloggers earn tons of cash from marketing tech products to an outsized audience. The goal is usually to be one among the primary to write down about new trends in your sub-niche.

Sub-niches in tech you’ll write about:

• Mobile Technology: Create blogs that specialize in Mobile gaming, SMS, Ad Mob for apps, Android, and iOS.
• PC Technology: Create a blog that discusses the chances and wonders of PC tech. you’ll delve into hardware and software reviews and therefore the classical “Mac vs Windows” arguments
• Blockchain Niche: Create a blog that addresses the blockchain community. If you’re within the know behind the workings of cryptocurrencies, mining, or trading, you’ll produce informational content about these topics in your blog.
Before you jump the gun and begin a Tech Blog overnight, things will only compute if you’re keen on technology and remain motivated to write down excellent content.

2. The Health Niche

As the saying goes, “Health is wealth,” our health is of utmost importance to us. Since the arrival of the web, the health and fitness industry has diversified its practices and located ways to succeed in and communicate with their audience online. the worldwide healthcare market is now estimated to be worth some $10tn, which is above every country within the world’s GDP except the U.S and China. The urge and wish to remain healthy means people will always search for anti-aging methods, diet strategies, compute regimens, and more.
The traffic during this niche is humongous, and there’s enough to travel around. the great thing about blogging within the health and fitness niche is you don’t get to be a guru or certified health practitioner. If you hold these titles or have earned relevant certifications, it’ll create a far better impression of you being an expert within the eyes of individuals. But, if you’re hooked into researching and finding answers, you’ll make it big within the health and fitness niche even without these credentials.
As always, we advise you to select a sub-niche. you’ll mention dieting and nutrition. Find common questions during this field and write detailed articles explaining what works and what doesn’t work. stay awake so far with new and popular products. Write an in-depth review covering every angle of the merchandise and let your audience know what to expect from using these products.
• Weight Loss: Create blogs focused on dieting and nutrition. you’ll cover differing types of diet and diet recipes ideas. you’ll also share weight loss stories to encourage and motivate your audience.
• Healthy Eating: Eating healthy is typically related to weight loss, but even non-obese people should eat healthily. you’ll create a blog focused on sharing healthy food recipes for everyone.
• Fitness Professionals: If you’re keen on to figure out and need to earn while doing what you’re keen on doing, you ought to consider positioning yourself as a fitness enthusiast. As a fitness guru, you’ll share information about supplements, weight lifting, mental preparation and services, and personalized workout plans for your audience.
• Stress Management: The 9-5 mania is hectic for all. Your audience would-be business owners and career-driven individuals looking to receive support and recommendations on the way to combat stress and declutter their lives.
• Skincare: Skincare goes beyond remedies for acne, skin rashes, and warts. A skincare blog will advise and educate its readers on proper ways to worry for his or her skin while suggesting skincare products to use regularly.
• Reproductive Health: this type of niche blog is targeted towards mothers and mothers to be. A reproductive health niche will share fact-based info concerning conception, baby health, child development, and other mother-child related issues.
Health Line is one of the highest health blogs in 2020 that are doing pretty much within the healthy eating and weight loss department.

3. Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing Niche

Digital marketing is one of the foremost competitive blogging niches for affiliate marketing in 2020. Digital marketing may be a broad niche that has grown steadily over the years. With the reduced dependency on traditional methods of advertising, most of the people are looking to brush up their digital marketing skills.
Digital marketing covers any marketing executed via websites, social media, mobile apps, search engines, and email.
Business owners are now going full throttle on revamping their online presence and getting the word out about their line of offerings. the advantages of applying deft digital marketing strategies to your business are limitless.
The good thing about nestling into the digital marketing niche is that the incontrovertible fact that we all do a touch little bit of digital marketing a day. Activities like trying to urge Instagram followers, posting content regularly, creating gif-inspired emails are considered digital marketing related tasks.
The best strategy in building a successful affiliate marketing business during this niche is by making insightful articles, videos, webinars, and merchandise reviews for aspiring digital marketers.

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the digital marketing niche include:

• Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing focuses on generating social traffic through Social media platforms. Your blog content will focus on growing an audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
• Web Design and Optimization: Focused on website aesthetics and tools to extend visibility and enhance functionality.
• program Marketing: Creating marketing campaigns targeted at people that use search engines.
• Mobile Marketing: This includes app marketing via mobile apps.
• SEO Marketing: Analyzing and educating your audience about SEO strategies to extend web presence.
• Video Marketing: Sharing recommendations on the way to produce excellent video content and grow as a Vlogger
• Content Marketing: Creating, curating, posting and distributing educative content in your field
• Email Marketing: Writing email series and ad copies specifically for email conversion and sales.
• Business Plan and Strategy: This sub-niche focuses on teaching your audience the way to conduct marketing research, SWOT analysis, and develop a holistic business strategy, especially within the internet space.
Neil Patel may be a recognized force within the digital marketing industry. many thousands of tourists troop to his blog monthly to find out the way to market their businesses. 

4. Love and Relationship Niche

Love may be a fleeting concept to most, except for the foremost of it, everyone desires love. Whether it’s agape love or romantic love, people love “love.” Love cumulates into relationships. Some people find it hard to create or maintain a relationship, especially in today’s internet-driven world. In fact, this niche is so lucrative that it’s valued at an estimated $2.5 billion within the U.S alone.
People are willing to spend their time and money on a resource that teaches them the way to find love or flirt. If you’re quite the lover and charmer, you’ll create a love and relationship blog for your affiliate marketing business.
You can write poems, first date tips, the way to impress a girl/boy, dinner gown ideas, first date spots, and more. These topics generate a substantial amount of search queries on Google. may be a fantastic website during this niche to review and learn from. 

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the love and relationship niche include:

• Hook-up: Creating content for people specifically looking to attach and meet without the standard commitment related to relationships.
• Blind Dates: Blind dating sites mention the advantages of going for dates, safe dating measures, and help found out dates.
• Everyday Love: Help people from different walks of life find love. they might be within the same or different locations or simply looking to start out dating online first.
• Relationship Blog: Share bond-strengthening strategies for people maintaining future relationships.
• Age: Create love-related content targeted towards a selected age range just like the elderly, Divorcees, Teens, College, Young professionals.
• Religion: Create love and relationship content geared towards religion, especially if your faith aligns with the faith.

5. Personal Finance and Investment Niche

The personal finance and investment niche is all about getting your finances right and growing your net worth. This niche is ever-evolving as there are many ways to form money, and no-one has covered all the methods there’s. How does this concern you?
If you’ve got a thing for finance, personal growth, the stock exchange, forex market, and other investment schemes, this is often where you’ll excel.
You can build a thriving impressive affiliate marketing business that helps people save and invest their money in various channels.
You don’t need to hold a CPA certification or be a stockbroker to excel during this niche. you’ll review financial products, services, and instruments. Do some thorough research and copy your facts with authoritative sources.

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the personal finance and investment niche include:

• Stock Market: Create blogs that analyze the stock exchange instruments and trends.
• exchange Markets: Create blogs that compare major currency pairs and exotics. you’ll also create content reviewing the simplest brokers and software programs.
• MasterCard Niche and Loan Management: MasterCard debit and MasterCard rewards are highly debated topics. you’ll go the additional mile and educate your audience on loan management.
NerdWallet is an authority within the personal finance and investment niche. Take a cue from them and the skills to urge started.

6. The Pet Care Niche

Are you a pet lover? does one own your personal pets? have you ever worked during a veterinary?
Dogs, cats, possums – pet lovers love their pets and are willing to spend tons of cash to supply them with proper pet care.
Several pet affiliate programs are trying to find enthusiastic pet lovers to partner with, which presents a chance to convert your interest for pets into a thriving affiliate business. inspect the highest 10 affiliate programs for the pet niche here.
Is the Pet Care niche lucrative?
The pet care industry is believed to get over 21 billion dollars annually, so it’s really lucrative.

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the pet care niche include:

• Pet Clothes and Accessories: Help pet owners choose their pet’s wear and accessories. you’ll write insightful pieces about pet styled designs and products.
• Pet Grooming: Create content for pet owners looking to find out more about the proper hygienic look after pets.
• Pet Diet and Recipes: Write content centered around recipes, diets Homemade dishes for your audience’s furry friends.
Herepup may be a website making a killing within the pet care niche.

7. The Movie and Music Niche

“Without music, life would be a mistake”
– Friedrich Nietzsche.
Everyone features a favorite genre or a favorite artist. Film Making and music are two of the foremost consumed media products within the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re team bey hive, or a Marvel comic universe addict (MCU), you’ll write reviews on songs and films on as a part of your affiliate marketing strategy.
There are thousands of music and movie lovers a bit like you. The rave for a replacement album or movie never stops. If your passion for music and films is unquenchable, then you ought to start writing. Create a music/movie review blog and review the newest releases by the minute. Don’t just write what everybody says, write what you think. Sharing your original and authentic opinion might earn you a loyal following.

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the music and movie niche include:

• Music Blogging: Posting free songs and mixtapes of several artistes across several. you ought to steer clear from music piracy as DMCA works with Google to punish websites that post paid-music as liberal to download.
• Movie Review: Movie review blogs rate movies supported several criteria like plotline, cast selection, acting prowess, and other nuances. you’ll specialize in a specific genre of flicks like sci-fi, romance, or horror.
Affiliate websites like Jamorama and Rocket Piano are both on ClickBank, alongside several others. Rocket Piano and Jamorama teach people the way to play the piano and guitar. They pay you a commission for brand spanking new subscriptions and recurring fees.

8. the style and wonder Niche

Fashion represents what we wear, and the way we wear them. the style niche may be a highly lucrative niche if you’re looking to start out your affiliate marketing business. Powerhouses like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have set the pace within the apparel industry. From clothes to boots, shoes, shades, gowns, ties, and accessories, everyone likes to look good.
Whether you wish to stay it plain jane or like to dazzle in grand style, fashion is some things we are all invested in. Beauty products also go hand in hand with fashion. People like to invest in their skin to stay it radiating and supple.
If you’re keen on your Yeezys, Fentys, and b=Balmain, this is often the proper time to be alive. you’ll take your love for the style niche to the subsequent level. Create a fashion blog and write thrilling articles on fashion trends, new releases, the 4 major fashion weeks, and more. don’t just regurgitate what’s out there; share your unique opinion on fashion-related stories.

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the fashion and wonder niche include:

• Beauty and Cosmetics: Write fact-driven blogs on different skin types and products to use supported skin type.
• Fashion Trends: there’s a fashion choice for each season. Come winter, and your story should be covering winter-themed boots, coats, and blazers.
The Atlantic Pacific is an example of a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping others get inspiration for his or her outfits and private aesthetics.

9. The Travel Niche

It’s a daydream that involves mind every now and then– quit your job, pack a couple of things, and head bent somewhere you’ve got never visited. 
Things lіkе digital bombardment, traffic hаѕѕlеѕ, wоrk ѕtrеѕѕ, break ups, rесеѕѕіоn, inflation, аffаіrѕ аnd other life oddities makes an enormous case for why we should always travel. Sо, a bіg quеѕtіоn arises hеrе. Hоw саn we shake thеѕе nerve-racking situations? Thе perfect answer that рорѕ uр іn mу mіnd іѕ’ trаvеl’.
If you’re hooked into traveling & curious for brand spanking new experiences, the travel niche is that the right fit you. Traveling is therapeutic for several people, and you’ll be their go-to-person for travel destinations and tips.
So how does one set about starting a travel blog? the simplest travel blogs are managed by people that like to see the planet and write on it. If you can’t afford to travel just yet, you’ll relive the experiences of others vicariously. you would like to hone your research skills and storytelling abilities. you furthermore may get to show the hidden beauties of the foremost obscure destinations. you’ll also invest guest contributors to post their travel experiences.
There are several affiliate programs partnered with travel airlines, agents, and tour operators willing to pay a beautiful percentage for each person who does business with them through your link. 
There are a plethora of affiliate programs for the travel niche, namely, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and even Airbnb.
Somone can even earn money easily by joining an affiliate network like You can join more than 70 individual  affiliate program from one platform and get paid for all of them together.
There also are tons of independent sponsors which will contact you for a billboard slot or a referral campaign.

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the travel niche include:

• Travel Budgeting: Not everyone likes to splurge cash during travel trips. There are several travel hacks and tips that allow travelers to save lots of money on the road. you’ll write educative blog posts on the way to economize and avoid being scammed by travel agents and corporations. you’ll also teach people the way to use discount offers and credit rewards.
• Backpackers Guide: Backpackers travel around the world on a shoestring budget. They like to hike, climb, run, and have interaction in high octane activities. Write guides that help backpackers plan and travel better.
• Airline and Travel Tour Company Reviews: Not everyone likes to engage within the tedious process of designing a visit. most of the people would rather undergo an agent or a tour company. this is often where your services are needed. you’ll perform a survey or extract data from review sites and write comprehensive reviews about these travel companies and airlines.
Livingthedreamrtw may be a prime example of a travel affiliate website done right. They even have a blog post which you’ll read here that outlines how they’ve managed to form $30,000 a year on affiliate revenue!

10. Mental/Life Coaching Niche

A few folks experience anxiety as panic attacks; we may even struggle to urge out of bed to figure or school or leave the house for any reason. a number of us experience anxiety as a shadow deterring and lurking us around all-day.
Life is sort of a roller-coaster. One day, you would possibly be having the simplest time of your life, and therefore the next you are feeling out of sync, completely down. However, even as life holds many wonderful surprises, but how can we handle and undergo the rough times that we receive experience on such a daily basis?
Anxiety, depression, and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) affect people from all walks of life. If these disorders aren’t treated early, it’s going to end in severe damage to the individual. Depression may be a mental disturbance, whereas obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental disorder.
As a blogger within the mental and life coaching niche, your audience is people that seek happiness and tranquility. you’ll help them get off the fence and obtain things done in order that they can take their life to the subsequent level!
You have to portray yourself as a grounded and motivated individual. you’ll organize and hold group sessions, one on one sessions, or Facebook group sessions. 
Your content should set a path of self-discovery for your readers. you ought to be ready to spur motivation, inspire action-focused steps, and help your audience stay in charge of all those steps. 

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the mental and life coaching niche include:

• Life Coach: you’ll create posts that encourage intuitive thinking, allowing your readers to achieve new levels of awareness and insight. you’ve got to form them believe strongly in change from the start as a gradual unfolding of a far better them.
• Career Coach: this suggests curating content aimed toward helping your readers maximize their potential a day through social media, products, services, events, and training.
• Business Coach: you’ll provide online business advice for successful and aspiring entrepreneurs. you’ll also help readers grow their business and make passive income that provides them the financial freedom they deserve and specialize in what’s essential.
You can find out how to create an affiliate marketing business by starting a life coaching blog from Tony Robbins.

11. Self-Improvement Niche

Self-improvement cuts across several areas. Self-improvement is the urge to become a far better version of yourself in your career, life, as a parent, lover, or person. There are several core areas to hide in self-improvement, and you’ll need to find a selected niche as always. If you’re a guru during a specific field like accounting, software engineering, or copywriting, you’ll become a mentor to several.
As a blogger within the self-improvement niche, your job is to supply content geared towards individuals looking to teach themselves in their desired field further.

Some sub-niches you ought to consider within the self-improvement niche include:

• Leadership and Public Speaking: speechmaking and leadership are things that are crucial in any career, yet many of us struggle with them. write of the way to project a perfect tone and visual communication for max impact.
• Presentation Skills: you’ll share presentation training secrets which will help your readers build rapport and influence right from the beginning. does an exquisite job of helping people improve their analytical and motor skills. Lifehack posts both the mundane and sophisticated hacks which will assist you to become a far better you.


Congrats, you made it to the top. If you’ve been kind of trying to find the simplest niche topics and blogging ideas when starting a blog for affiliate marketing, this guide should assist you to get bootstrapped.
Affiliate marketing blogs remains one among the foremost influential media in reaching an audience. It’s imperative to gauge periodically if the blog model remains beneficial to your affiliate marketing business.
We don’t expect you to delve into all eleven niches directly as which will stretch you thin. 
Start blogging today with the several niches that interest you the foremost, and keep posting to ascertain if that’s the one for you. Typically, your attention is going to be drawn to the one you’re keen on the foremost after a couple of weeks. It’s okay to be unsure, but it’s not okay to let your indecision compromise your goals.
Lastly, you ought to know that when you’re creating blogs for affiliate marketing or for any marketing for that matter, you ought to never just be trying to sell, sell, sell. Be subtle when you are giving a product recommendation or a review.