How To Solve Google Adsense sellers.json File

How To Solve Google Adsense  sellers.json File

From the past week, Adsense publisher is receiving this notification “We encourage you to publish your seller information within the Google sellers.json file. Visit the account settings page to review your current visibility status,” What does it mean?

According to the Adsense, “Sellers.json is an IAB Tech Lab standard that increases transparency within the ads ecosystem and helps to combat fraud.” It means the individual publisher can prefer to share their website information in order that it’ll be beneficial to the advertisers to verify the identity of publishers.

Google Adsense  sellers.json File

Furthermore, Adsense says make your information transparent and it’ll allow advertisers to verify your inventory and it also says that if your information isn’t made transparent, advertisers won’t be ready to see your name, which could impact your revenue.

How To Make Your Seller Information Transparent?

Sign in to Your Adsense Account and click on Account, you’ll find the “Account Information” page, on Seller information visibility select Transparently.

But make certain the name should be during this manner and, avoid using Domain names like “www” or the scheme (namely, “https://” “http://”, or “FTP://”).

How To Solve Google Adsense  sellers.json File

How To Find Whether Your Domin Included within the sellers.json file?

Visit this site (Provided By Adsense) and search your Website name or Publisher ID (Note: It takes time to seem on the list).