7 Plus Ways To Boost Your Domain Authority

7 Plus Ways To Boost Your Domain Authority

7 Plus Ways To Boost Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) may be a ranking metric that predicts how well a site will rank online. It goes by a scale of 1 to 100 — the closer you’re to 100, the higher your odds of ranking in search result pages (SERPs), thus supplying you with more clicks.

To see how your site currently ranks, visit Moz’s free Link Explorer to check your DA. Just type your website URL within the search bar and click on “Analyze”. Put it in mind that: don’t kick yourself if your DA is smaller than 30 to 50, I also have lower DA until I realized what I needed to do so I decided to share, and we can all do it together. If you follow these tips listed below, you’ll most definitely see your DA score improve.

1. Your Domain Name Age

You know that old saying, right? Wisdom comes with age. Well, guess what? the same goes for your name. If your name doesn’t have an ‘old’ age, then it’ll rank lower, and users online won’t see your site as legitimate.

But with an older name, not only will users see your site as more legitimate, but it’ll even have a way higher DA score than younger domain names. In other words, whenever you modify your domain, you would possibly be doing more harm than good to it, since you’re actually taking down the credibility you’ve built up over the years by starting from scratch.

Therefore, pick an easy-to-remember name that’s not only relevant to your niche, but it’s also something that you’re willing to stay for a really while, I made that mistake when I started with my website too, don’t make the same!

2. On-Page Optimization

Then, it’s time to optimize all this list below on your pages:



-Site structure;


-Other on-page elements (Your website H1, Title tags, Image alt tag, webSite architecture, etc.).

Improving your website DA with good optimization can make your site be more search-engine-friendly.

3. Create Great Content

Want to draw in high-quality links from multiple domains in your niche? Good news! More attraction to your site comes from creating high-quality content that appeals to your audience. Otherwise, poor-quality content will only scare people away.

So, in providing the good content possible, which will definitely be of help to improve your DA score (and even offer you many additional SEO benefits).

4. Internal Link Improvement

Why worry about earning external links when your internal links need the most attention? Yes, focusing an excessive amount of external links can cause you to lose sight of linking internally.

So, why internal links? These links help nudge visitors to what they’re trying to check out for on your website. In that way, visitors are having the best user experience, while you reap the rewards of getting an increased DA score.

5. Link Profile Clean-Up

Having a clean link profile is important since it helps you obtain and maintain an excellent DA score. So, to clean up your link profile, you want to remove the bad links from it.

In this process, you’ll use tools like:

Moz Explore;

Ahrefs Backlink Checker;

SEMrush Backlink Audit Tool.

These tools assist you to find out any inappropriate or unwanted links.

After the link audit is complete, contact the web site owners to possess them to either delete the link or add the “no follow tag” (devalues the link). If this doesn’t work, use the Google Disavow tool to get rid of said links from your profile.

6. Know Your Niche

When running a site, it’s important for you to be the expert in what you’ve got to supply online – and your DA is not any exception to the present. Becoming an authoritative figure in your niche allows you to get the confidence of readers while providing expert advice to the community.

If you’ve got amazing content (i.e. guest blogs on industry-related forums) and clever ways to interact with your audience, then people will see you as an authority in your niche. This will not only enhances your brand but also give you an increase to your DA score.

7. Be Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, people are on their phones, tablets, etc. Whatever device that they will use on the go, they’ll use. In other words, mobile isn’t just the way of the future – it’s happening immediately, outpacing laptops since 2014. So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, then now’s the time to repair that!

If your website hasn’t been optimized for mobile use yet, not only will it hurt your search rankings (since Google favors mobile-friendly sites), but you’ll also lose out on users visiting your site to start with.

So, attend Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, then run a test for your domain. Afterward, Google will offer you an in-depth report of how mobile-friendly your site is, and what you’ll do to enhance it.

8. Improve Page Speed

Let’s face it: nobody likes to wait on a webpage to load; they need quick results. So, if your site isn’t loading fast enough, then users will get frustrated and attend another site. So, why not improve your page speed?

First, find the issue for your website running slower than it should. you’ll do that by running your website through Google’s PageSpeed Insights; it’ll analyze the speed of your site. And then, it’ll identify some effective ways for you to form your site faster and consequently improve your DA score.

9. Utilize Social Media

Finally, it’s important to extend your social signals, when it involves gaining more authority together with your domain. While search engines like Google won’t insist that sites make social signals a priority to extend their rankings, site runners must still take the advantage of social media to do the following:

-Promote their sites;

-Promote their products and services;

-Tell people about any events and contests.

As a result, sites are more likely to have likes, shares, and tweets through social media, versus going solo in search engines.


Domain authority is extremely important for your site. First, DA allows you to research how well your website does within the search space. Plus, it allows you to match the performance of your website with that of your rival sites, thus showing you where you stand in search results.