Introducing Google Adsense new Policy center

Introducing the new Policy center
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On December 7 2021, Google Adsense has redesigned the Policy center. The Policy center’s newest features, like reporting the amount of ad requests affected by policy issues and advanced filters, aim to help you better understand, prioritize, and resolve issues.

What is the Policy center?

The Policy center is a tool Google created to help you adhere to their Program policies and restrictions. Use the Policy center to discover, understand, and resolve issues that affect ad serving on your sites.

What’s changing?

To make it easier to understand how your account is affected, Google has introduced an overall account health summary at the top of the Policy center that shows the status of ad serving across your sites. For example, you’ll be able to see at a glance how many sites are affected by issues and what percentage of your ad requests are restricted or disabled, just like that of Admob.

Adsense which is owned by Google is also introducing more ways to filter and sort in the Policy center. When you access the Policy center, issues are automatically sorted by the number of ad requests. You can also sort by site name, status, type of issue, or date reported. To sort by any of these categories, click the category name

They have also made it easier to filter issues. To find the Must fix issues, navigate to the top of the Policy center and click on the number in the Must fix category. You can also filter by ad serving status by clicking on the numbers in the Disabled ad serving or Restricted ad serving categories. Clicking a number in a category creates a filter for you. You can also click Add filter.

Lastly, Google Adsense now allow publishers to download a CSV file that contains the details of their sites with issues. Click Download CSV and choose Download all items or Download filtered view to create your file.

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