How to delete your whole blog on blogger

So many people would like to delete their blog from blogger, like the whole blog from blogger so their e-mail can be totally free. i fully understand the situation where by some new users will just jump into blogger website and create a some random blog with just some funny website name all in the name of checking the host out if they would be good enough for your blog.

It quite easy to delete your blog from blogger and can be totally free from them, just follow this few steps to successfully delete your whole blog from blogger website.

How to delete your whole blog on blogger, back up and also undo deleted blogs for bloggers (simple Guide)

Login to , on your control panel, at the left hand side locate the “settings”, click on it and then you’ll see different options and just click on “other” under the settings.

Before we continue, i’ll like you to back up your blog just in case you change your mind or something.

check how to back up your blog here

Now let continue. After clicking on “other”, you’ll see Delete blog, it  is written clearly there!

Click on the delete blog to delete your blog from blogger, now a pop up will display asking you to download your blog , but you don’t need to anymore since you already did before, only if you followed my instructions above, if you didn’t do a back up,then back it up now. after backing up , an xml file will be downloaded and stored on your computer or mobile. Now click on the Delete!!!!!

Good , your blog has been deleted. if you have created multiple blogs on the same account, once you delete the first one, the next blog will be displayed on the control panel and you can repeat this steps to keep deleting them all.
Wait.. Wait… Wait….   Made a mistake of deleting this blog?????? ahahah no worries, we can restore it back in no time. so blogger is so easy that when you delete a blog, it doesn’t delete completely, it stores deleted blog in a particular place just in case you change your mind, wondering why you did a back up then? yeah it just for plan c just in case something goes wrong in future.

To undo the delete you made to your blog , there are no CTRL Z to undo on blogger ahahah, now locate the left side of your panel , at the top left, you’ll see your deleted blog, you can add more blog too if you want. see screenshot above.
so yeah we are done here , you can now delete your blog and undo the delete and also back it up!.
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