How To Get Rid Of Google Adsense Ads Limit Policy Violation

It is so frustrating when Google limits your ads especially since they would not give you full details on how to solve this problem. I recently had this issue with Google, ads limit was put on my account due to invalid traffic. So, basically I wasn’t meant to visit my website very often (my bad).

Things You Need To Do To Avoid Invalid Traffic

  • Understand your ad traffic and site visitors
  • Avoid partnering with untrusted / low-quality parties
  • Don’t click on your own ads, even if you think it’s okay to do so
  • Double- and triple-check your implementation
  • Don’t go on your own website too often, google sees it has invalid.

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What You Need To Do To Get Rid Of Google Adsense Ads Limit Policy Violation

After I got this policy violation, I tried a lot of things on my adsense account to take out this policy violation, it took me a month to figure it out. It may not work for you but it is worth trying.

  • Delete your ads code from your website
  • Delete your ads.txt file from the root of your website
  • Delete all the website you have added to your adsense account including the main one you got approved with, don’t worry you’ll get approved back,  it literally took them less than a day to get the account approved again, since it was approved once.
  • Now sign up for google analytics and connect it to your adsense account.

After doing the whole analytics thing, wait for 2 days and add back the ads.txt file, ads code and add back the website you got approved with,  it will now go through a review. Once the review has been approved by Google,  your ads will start showing back in no time.

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