how to open a Google analytics account And connect it to your website

Google analysis is very useful to one website , this site can give you so many features , it allow one to track audience from round the word, you can see what page your visitors are correctly on , it can show you what country your visitors are from, it can also show you if your visitors are coming through referrals, social media or through organic search which is Google search.

I’m going to walk you through the whole process of signing up for Google Analytics as well as putting in it on your weblog.

how to open a Google Analytics account

STEP 1: sign up for Google Analytics
2) visit the Google Analytics web page (HERE).
3) Sign up using your Google account electronic mail. For, you can use the identical e mail you operate to your may need to enroll in an Analytics account.join up for Google Analytics

4) What might you like to track? select WEBSITE
5) Select an ACCOUNT NAME
6) Enter your internet SITE NAME  and internet SITE URL.
7) Pick out an INDUSTRY CLASS that high-quality suits your weblog subject matter.
8) Select some TIME ZONE for correct reports.
9) Beneath DATA SHARING SETTINGS, examine via what each choice includes and pick out the alternatives that nice match your scenario. I normally go away them all checked.
10) Click on the GET TRACKING identity button.
11) Accept the TERMS OF SERVICE
12) You may be taken without delay to your account dashboard and your monitoring identification will be prominently displayed at the page. this is the code you want to feature to Blogger. reproduction this code and dangle onto it for Step 2.Get your Google Analytics monitoring identity

STEP 2: deploy Google Analytics on Blogger
1) Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
2) Go to Settings > other.
3) Scroll to the lowest of the page to the Google Analytics segment.
4) Paste your code into the Analytics net property identity container.upload Your Google Analytics tracking identification to Blogger.

click on the save settings button.
That’s it! you’ve now got  Google Analytics for your Blogger weblog.

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