Learn How to connect your custom domain name to blogger for bloggers

So last time I post on how to register a custom domain name for free. If you are reading this post, I believe you have registered your domain name as I will only be showing how to connect the domain to your blogger site. if you haven’t created your free domain yet, and you would like to get one for free, click HERE.

Not everyone is good at figuring out things themself on the internet, it quite easy to connect a domain name to any hosting panel. To connect your domain to your blogger site, go to your domain provider’s dashboard. For this post, our domain provider is Freenom, after doing that, follow the steps below.

How to connect your custom domain name to blogger for bloggers

Go to your blogger dashboard, and click on settings, Then locate the Publishing Section
   Under Publishing, you will see a button like this:
Then click on the button and enter the domain address along with “www.” before it. For Example, if your domain is ayomidelalemi.gq, you will input www.ayomidelalemi.gq and then click on save.
 After doing that, it will show some CNAME records and an error. Don’t worry, that error just means that blogger did not verify that you own the domain.
To verify that the domain is yours, go to your freedom account and go to services and click on my domains.

 Then locate the domain you want to connect and click on “manage domain”
After that, you will be taken to a page where you will see all the details of that domain. On that page locate “Manage Freenom DNS” and click on it.
So now fill in the CNAME records that were shown in the blogger along with the error. And also add these Four (4) A records in the Target Area one after the other, leaving the Name Area empty.

Now Click on save changes, and your DNS Records should look similar to the picture below:
 Now go back to the blogger and click the Save button again. It should now be saved successfully without showing any errors. But, sometimes it might take up to 5 minutes to save successfully.
After saving it successfully, now click on edit


Then, click on the redirect button and then save it. (What this does is that it redirects your blog address to www.yourdomain.com if a user puts in yourdomain.com. This is very useful in some cases, because if you do not tick that box if a user searches yourdomain.com instead of www.yourdomain.com it will not load your blog.)
You have successfully connected your domain to your blog. Congratulations!!!!.
You now have a custom domain name without  (.blogspot.com) for bloggers. And guess what ? that makes your website rank better for  AdSense approval.
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