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Google AdSense opened a new labs feature named AdSense shopping links. The company said with these AdSense Shopping links, AdSense will add shopping links to the content of your pages which are eligible. This shopping links provide end users with relevant options to buy from.

Google AdSense publishers can see this by going to the optimization tab in their publisher account, and then by clicking on “Labs.” There you will see “Turn on AdSense shopping links. Shopping links provide end users with relevant options to buy from. The links take users to shopping ads and may help increase your earnings.

Google AdSense Shopping links are placed in your page’s main content where Google will hyperlink existing words whenever Google detects a “shoppable product mention on your page”. By clicking on the link users are shown a number of shopping ads for the product.

The company said they would limit the amount of your traffic enabled for shopping links to at most 10%, so their impact will be similarly limited. They also added you will get paid if users click the shopping links and click any of the ads displayed. These AdSense Shopping links will automatically place shopping links on eligible pages on your site(s) for a percentage of users.

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